Are metal roofs good?

Are metal roofs good?
Stock photo of an attic vent on a freshly installed, brand new metal roof at a residential home.

Residential Roofing Options

When you are considering updating your residential roofing, metal is a popular choice to consider. That in mind, there are several advantages and disadvantages to take note of before finalizing plans for installation. Metal is a great commercial roofing option as well as a great residential roofing option. You just need to be sure that you are choosing the right material and structure for your home and needs. To answer any questions you may have, contact Mullins General Construction at (972) 535-8065. We can discuss metal roofing in Dallas, TX for your home today.

Disadvantages of Metal Roofing

Whether you are considering metal roofing and siding, or just roofing, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Knowing what the disadvantages are can better help you make a decision about your home.

  • Cost: Generally speaking, the initial cost of a metal roof installation will be more expensive than an asphalt shingle roof. The materials and labor are typically more expensive than most other roofing structures.
  • Noise: The biggest concern for most homeowners is the possible noise. Many believe that metal roofs will be louder than the typical roof, which is true when insulation is not installed as well. Without insulation, a metal roof will be much louder than it needs to be.
  • Snow: For those in colder climates, snow and ice can be a major disadvantage with this roofing structure. That’s because the snow and ice can easily slide off the roof, risking injury and damage to anything below.
  • Experience: A major disadvantage rarely mentioned is the fact that there are few contractors that have the necessary experience. Meaning, there are few that know how to install, repair and maintain metal roofing, which means homeowners may not have many options in terms of metal roofing contractors to choose from.

Metal roofing in Dallas, TX can be either a hit or a miss decision. We are in an area that can receive a substantial amount of rain and hail, which could result in a louder than usual experience. That being said, with experienced metal roofing contractors, that shouldn’t be something you have to worry about. For any questions regarding residential metal roofs, contact Mullins General Construction.

Metal Roofing Benefits

No matter how easy it may seem to disregard metal roofing because of the disadvantages, that doesn’t change the fact that there are numerous benefits to this roofing structure. In fact, there are many advantages that can’t be replicated or matched by traditional residential roofing.

  • Long-lasting: Metal by its nature is a long-lasting material. When used for and maintained as roofing, this material can last upwards of 75 years or longer! Metal roofing and siding are sought after for this very reason.
  • Durable: As a roofing structure, options like aluminum and steel are two very durable considerations. They are both coated in a zinc formula that prevents corrosion and rusting, which helps the material to last even longer.
  • Energy Efficient: Since metal reflects heat rather than absorbing it, this means your home will be much cooler in the summer months. Meaning your HVAC system will have a chance to operate much more efficiently, possibly lowering your energy bills in the process.

Unlike drain cleaning where there are several different plumbers to do the job, there are still very few that know how to properly install this structure. To experience all of these benefits, the installation needs to be expertly done. For that, you can rely on Mullins General Construction. We provide experienced, professional roofing services that include metal for residential roofing. To learn more about our services, call us at (972) 535-8065.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the disadvantages of a metal roof?
    • Lack of knowledge among roofers for installation and repairs. Noisy when installed without insulation. Expensive. And several other disadvantages that can deter possible homeowners.
  • Does a metal roof add value to your home?
    • It does! Metal roofing is considered a quality roofing structure which can increase your property value as well as the property value of those around you. Additionally, insurance carriers consider it a very safe structure and could offer lowered premiums for installation.
  • Are metal roofs noisy?
    • When installed without insulation, yes, metal roofs will be noisier than an asphalt shingle roof. But when installation is included, as it typically should be, then there won’t be much of a difference in sound.
  • Does a metal roof make the house hotter?
    • Metal reflects light and heat, so during the summer your space should be cooler. If insulation is included during installation, then your home should be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Otherwise, the reverse could happen.
  • What type of metal roof is best?
    • Generally speaking, aluminum is some of the best metal roofing materials to choose from. It is lightweight, flexible and inexpensive. In terms of roofing structures, the standing seam metal roof is the best metal roofing structure.
  • How long does a metal roof last?
    • If the installation is done correctly, and your roof is well maintained, a metal roof can last upwards of 75 years or longer!

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