Commercial Roof Coatings in Frisco, TX

Commercial Roof Coatings

Interested in Commercial Roof Coatings? Call Mullins General Construction!

When we have issues with our commercial roofs like leaks or it’s almost past its prime, our next step is usually a roof replacement. However, there are more inexpensive and environmentally friendly ways to get a more improved roof system. Roof replacements cost a lot of money and aren’t the best roof service for the environment. A commercial roof coating is a great solution to this problem. With commercial roof coatings, there is no need to tear off your existing roof; all that is done is having a coating applied on top of your current roofing system. When your roof isn’t looking like it once did, Mullins General Construction is here to help with our affordable and beneficial commercial roof coating services. Our roofers are able to get your roof back in fantastic condition with our commercial roof coatings, regardless if you have a metal roof or flat roofing system. If you want to make an appointment for commercial roof coatings in Plano, Frisco, or McKinney, TX, call us at (972) 535-8065 today.

Choosing a Commercial Roof Coating

With commercial roof coatings to pick from, our professionals can help you determine which option will function ideally on your current roof material. Roof coating materials vary significantly when comparing flat roof systems to metal roof systems, for example. No matter which type of commercial roof coating, though, nearly any option is capable of being installed directly over the existing roof, which will save you time and money over the years. Furthermore, a correctly adhered roof coating can protect your roofing for as long as 10 years, and after those 10 years, an additional roof coating can adhere to it. Thanks to this swift and easy installation process, combined with the unmatched pricing, commercial roof coatings are a great option for your company. Below are our roof coating options for our commercial clients.

  • Flat Roof Coatings If you need a roof coating for your commercial flat roof, please call our roofers today for a flat roof coating.
  • Metal Roof Coatings Is your metal roof leaking or losing its luster? A metal roof coating can repair any damages and make it look even better!

Roof coatings are a great way to restore your roof instead of investing in a complete roof replacement. With a roof coating, you can save money and get a roof that is safer and more efficient than before. To make an appointment for commercial roof coatings in Frisco, TX, please contact our office at (972) 535-8065. If you have additional questions about our service or about a particular roof coating we offer, feel free to call us for more information! We want our customers to have all the details so they can make the best decision for them and their roofing.

Where To Start

The roof contractors at Mullins General Construction are not only experienced in everything to do with roofing but also dedicated to quality and customer service! Whether you are looking for repairs, replacements, or any other roofing service, our team can help you out. We are committed to customer satisfaction, so we will always go the extra mile to ensure our commercial clients get the roofing that they want and deserve. Contact (972) 535-8065 now to talk with one of our roofing professionals about your options for commercial roof coatings in Frisco, TX and the nearby areas. You can rely on us for your roof coating possibilities, including silicone, acrylic, and elastomeric coatings too. Our crew will work with you each step of the process to help you find your ideal commercial roof coating solution.