General Contractor in Frisco, TX

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Our Contractors Take Care of Your Home as if It Were Their Own.

At Mullins General Construction, we provide a professional option for a general contractor in Frisco, TX. Whatever your home remodel, repair, or construction needs, call us first to discuss options or schedule service. As experienced, adaptable contractors, we have the skills and tools to handle any project.

When you trust a contractor with your home, you implicitly make them responsible for a huge investment. The work that they do will either improve your home and its value or the opposite. For general contractor services guaranteed to meet the highest levels of workmanship, go with Mullins General Construction. To ask questions or start a project, call us today at (972) 535-8065.

Our General Contractor Services

Our general contractor services cover all of a homeowner’s needs. We offer further specialization in two areas, however: interior remodels and fence construction.

  • Interior Remodels From new flooring, to drywall work and updates to cabinets and counters, Mullins General Construction represents your trusted source for interior remodels.
  • Fencing Our team provides unparalleled work across custom fencing. Whether you want your fence for privacy, security, or pure aesthetics, we’ve got you covered.

Interior Remodels: Mullins General Construction is the company you can trust with the responsibility of your home. We treat all clients’ houses as if they were our own, and perform remodels unparalleled in the Frisco, TX area. We specialize in sheetrock work, cabinetry, countertops, and painting. If you have imagined the benefits of brand-new cabinetry or a coat of paint in the kitchen or bathroom, don’t wait any longer. Remodels can represent necessary maintenance on the continued value of your home. They can also add to property value, make your home more attractive to buyers, and provide a generous return on investment.

general contractor

Need New Windows or Sheet Rock Work? Call Mullins General Construction First.

Fencing: A home and its occupants receive many benefits from new or updated fencing. Mullins General Construction can create any type of fence a homeowner could need, whether for privacy, security, or an improved outdoor look. With the highest quality materials and attention to the smallest details, we create fences with a maximized lifespan. We perform fast installations in an attempt to minimize the disturbance to clients. Of course, you can expect fencing of unparalleled quality, despite this speed.

Contact Us for Any Project

Our general contracting services should cover just about any of a homeowner’s interior or exterior needs. Whenever you need quality service or a prompt solution to household issues, call us at (972) 535-8065. Mullins General Construction stands as the trusted general contractor for Frisco, TX.