Metal Shingles Service

Metal Shingles Service

There Are a Variety of Colors, Styles, and Designs To Choose From When It Comes to Metal Shingles.

Metal roofing was at first a commercial roofing material, but now there are a number of selections for homeowners to choose from for their residential roofs. There are indeed now just as many selections for citizens to pick from for a residential metal roof as there are for business owners to select from for industrial metal roofing. One of the best metal roofing selections for residential and commercial clients are metal shingles in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas. There are a large variety of metal shingle roofing options to choose from, which makes them such an excellent roofing choice. At Mullins General Construction, our roofing contractors have experience with all roofing types and we can help with your metal roof repairs or installation. If you need more information about metal shingles, feel free to call us today at (972) 535-8065.

Why Install Metal Shingles?

Metal roofing can increase your home’s energy efficiency, lasts a very long time and is incredibly durable. One of the prominent styles of metal roofing is metal roof shingles, as they give a contemporary look to traditional roofing styles. Residents who desire the look of a wood shake roof, but with more strength and longevity, can choose a metal shake roof instead. The installation of these two roofing systems is about equal, but metal shingles are fire resistant and need very little upkeep. Metal shake roofing is only one of many options we provide, though, and we can also assist you with metal slate roofing, metal roofing tiles, and more! For residents who want the appearance of a slate roof, slate metal roofing is a lighter, cheaper alternative. Regardless of what style of metal roofing shingles you need, our team is here to help! Just give us a call when you need to set up an appointment for metal shingles in Frisco, TX.

Metal Shingles Experts

When you are interested in upgrading to metal shingles in Frisco, TX, or when you would like to receive an estimate, give us a call today at (972) 535-8065. Allow us to answer your inquiries and show you the variety of metal shingle options we have available. When you desire to encounter the difference of a professional roofer, call Mullins General Construction.