Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

Give Your Home Protection Against Severe Winds and Hail with Impact Resistant Shingles!

Quality is a major aspect to consider in regards to protecting and maintaining your house, and that can apply to everything from roofing to the siding of your home. It is up to you to make sure that your house is prepared every single day, rain or sun, and at Mullins General Construction we have roof solutions that can help. Storm damages manifest in various forms, but hail damage is one of the more recognized destructive forces within a storm. If you possess a typical asphalt roof, your roofing material may not have what it takes to stand up to impact from hail! Luckily, we offer professional-grade solutions such as impact resistant shingles in Frisco, TX! Get in touch with us today at (972) 535-8065 to learn more about how this premium roofing system can benefit you and your home!

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

As you likely guessed from the name, impact resistant shingles are a specifically created type of roof material that can bear impact from hail and similar debris. Hail hurts typical asphalt shingle systems by cracking not only the surface shingle but additionally the fiberglass layer on the bottom, which leaves the roof susceptible to leaking. Impact resistant shingles, however, are able to withstand hail coming down without showing damage to the surface, or the matting below. There are several methods to check the durability of these hail proof shingles, but the primarily used technique is performed with a two-inch steel sphere, released from a distance of 12 feet. A passing shingle will not show any signs of damage on the top or the fiberglass back. Interested in impact resistant shingles in Frisco, TX, call us today!

Reliable Defenses

At Mullins General Construction, we take roofing protection very seriously, and we always aim to supply the very best roof products for our clients. When it comes to a traditional aesthetic that also offers superior defenses, our crew believes that impact resistant shingles are an option you can rely on. To request a quote on impact resistant shingles in Frisco, TX, or to get additional information on hail defenses for your home, contact us now at (972) 535-8065! For further protection, you may consider our home metal roofing materials, which are likewise particularly resistant to hail damages. No matter what kind of roof system you are searching for, our team is ready to help!