Professional Synthetic Tile Roof Installation

Professional Synthetic Tile Roof Installation

Love Tile Roofing But Don’t Love the Price? Synthetic Tile Roofing Is a Great and Affordable Alternative.

Tile can contribute substantial strength, beauty, and dimension to your home. Unfortunately, it can also contribute weight and maintenance cost along with it. Synthetic tile provides the same unbeatable elegance and protection of traditional tile, minus the high price and weight that leads to bracing and reinforcement requirements. Call (972) 535-8065 to learn more about the benefits of synthetic tile in Frisco, TX, or to schedule your consultation. The roofers at Mullins General Construction specialize in synthetic shingles services and will be able to properly and quickly install synthetic tiles to your residential roofing.

Advantages of Synthetic Tile Installation

There are multiple material choices for your synthetic tile, and all offer their own benefits. They are usually constructed from acrylic, PVC, fiberglass, or rubber, and can outlive many other types of roofing solutions. These tiles are extremely durable and can resist the dangers of rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and even debris. They can also be completely recycled at the end of use, making them an environmentally friendly roofing solution. Synthetic tiles are very lightweight and need no bracing or reinforcement before installation. When installed by an experienced roofer, your tiles can last more than 50 years. To get expert installation for your synthetic tile in Frisco, TX, call our roofing contractors today!

Professional Installation by Mullins General Construction

When you work with Mullins General Construction, you can rest assured you’re getting top workmanship that you can depend on. We inspect your current roofing system and deliver realistic choices for each roofing procedure. Our professionals will help you decide whether to reroof or tear off and start again, and we can offer advice on the premium roofing material and installation procedures and times. Our experts can help you make informed material choices by offering details such as cost, performance, and longevity to make sure you are completely satisfied with your finished product.

If you need a new roof, the advantages and features of synthetic tile can’t be denied. Its traditional design and top durability ratings make it ideal for just about any home. For flawless installation of your synthetic tile in Frisco, TX, call our roofing specialists first at (972) 535-8065. You won’t be disappointed with our precise and detailed synthetic tile roofing services.