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Does your building have an aging commercial roof with a lot of wear and tear? Regardless of what kind of roof system you might have, aging will always take a toll on the performance of your roof system, leaving you to decide between replacement and restoration. In order to be eligible for a roof restoration, it is critical that you act quickly, or the damages can worsen, and roof replacement will be the only option left. When you aren’t prepared to replace your roof, but you need to get it repaired for a cost-effective price, count on Mullins General Construction, the reliable roof restoration company in Frisco, TX. The reason we advise getting a roof restoration over a roof replacement is that replacements can be very expensive, can disrupt your work day, and aren’t the most environmentally-friendly options. With roof restorations, all we do is apply a durable roof coating and you will get a roofing system that is able to last longer. For a more sustainable and affordable roofing service, consider a roof restoration for your commercial property. Give a call today at (972) 535-8065 to learn more about how roof restorations can benefit you.

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Your building’s commercial roof system is susceptible to several different kinds of damage through its lifespan, from UV damages to weather damages. While many contractors go directly for an expensive roof replacement, we think that replacement should be the last resort. Roof restorations are much less expensive than roofing replacements, as you save on materials and also on labor costs. A roof restoration can address a wide variety of roofing problems, including mold growth, broken roofing membrane, and even cracked seams. Not only that, you will have a cool roofing system that will save you money on energy bills, while being eco-friendly. Ripping off your existing roofing for a new roof will only end up in a huge landfill. With roof restorations, you can avoid tearing off your roof and just get your existing roof enhanced with sturdy roof coatings. We’ve included some of our roof services below for your convenience.

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When it comes to our roofing systems being damaged or reaching ten plus years, it’s normal to think a roof replacement is the only solution for you. While this is a pretty common service for a damaged or old roof, there are other services that can do that same thing at a more affordable price. At Mullins General Construction, you are able to get a roof restoration in Plano, Frisco, and McKinney, TX that is a better alternative to a roof replacement. Investing in a roof restoration not only means that you are getting better UV protection and energy efficiency, it also means you are extending the life of your roofing system. It’s a great service to consider but needs to be completed before you need to get a roof replacement. Want to know if you are eligible for a roof restoration? Call (972) 535-8065 today to talk to a roofing contractor about inspecting your roof.