Elastomeric Roof Coatings Application

Elastomeric Roof Coatings Application

Get Elastomeric Roof Coatings for Your Roof Restoration Service When You Call Mullins General Construction!

Has the day apparently come for you to replace a commercial roofing system? You could require nothing but a roof restoration. Roof restorations provide a superior choice to roof replacement since they will save you resources and time, while additionally protecting the earth. At Mullins General Construction, we offer a number of roof coatings, with an elastomeric roof coating being one of them. With an elastomeric roof coating, you can get a more sustainable roofing system without replacing your entire roof. It’s an easy process that won’t disrupt your workday with noisy roof installations. If you are interested in affordable elastomeric roofing coatings in Frisco, TX, call our roofers today at (972) 535-8065!

What Are Elastomeric Roof Coatings?

An elastomeric roof coating is a coating that is applied to a roofing system to either repair damages and avoid a complete roof replacement. Because an elastomeric roof coating can be applied directly to a roof, there is no need to tear of your existing roof. Our roofers just apply the roof coating onto the roof and from there you get exceptional UV protection, energy efficiency, and a roofing system that is able to last longer. It can be applied to virtually any roofing system, so it is very versatile. If you want to learn more about our elastomeric roof coatings in Frisco, TX, call us today!

How Roof Coatings Can Benefit You

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of premier advantages you achieve when you pick a roof restoration or roof coating rather than complete roof replacement. It often doesn’t matter what kind of roofing you have, because an elastomeric roof coating will install directly over the top. This means you save money immediately, as removing and getting rid of an aged roofing system may be extremely expensive. As roof materials take such an extended time to degrade, they may leave a real encumbrance for dumps. An elastomeric roof coating also usually costs substantially less than a completely new roof and possesses a much-reduced application time. Elastomeric roof coatings can waterproof an entire roof, and furthermore fix minor holes and tears. You can also select a white elastomeric roof coat if you’d like to acquire additional energy saving advantages. Service for elastomeric roof coatings in Frisco, TX can begin as soon as you give us a call at (972) 535-8065. We have quite a few roof coating selections ready for any need or budget.