Natalie, Stephanie, Waylon, Chance and Ford (in order)

As the CEO of a restoration company in Dallas-Fort Worth, I bring over 15 years of expertise in the industry to the table. My in-depth understanding of the restoration process stems from my 5 years of experience in insurance claims, as well as a decade of experience as a contractor. My diverse background has allowed me to see the inner workings of both insurance and construction, providing me with a unique perspective and unmatched ability to navigate complex projects.

I am a proud 7th Generation Texan and take great pride in my roots. In my personal life, I am blessed to be the husband of my beautiful wife Stephanie, and the father of my three amazing children, Natalie, Waylon, and Ford. I am passionate about family, and value the time I get to spend with them immensely. When I am not working, I enjoy golfing, playing basketball, and leading an active lifestyle.

With a deep commitment to excellence and a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, I am proud to lead my team of professionals in bringing the highest quality of restoration services to clients across the DFW area.


Lauren Hull - Office

As a proud Detroit native with over a decade of experience in customer service and several years in office management, I am dedicated to ensuring that the office and team members at Mullins GC run smoothly and efficiently. I offer administrative support to all departments as needed, and take pride in maintaining organization and consistency. In my free time, I relish opportunities to catch up on rest, savor a warm cup of coffee, and spend quality time with my beloved dogs.

Anthony Arguijo - Production

With two decades of experience in the construction industry, I have found a perfect match in Mullins GC. When I am not working, I cherish the time I get to spend with my son and daughter exploring and experiencing the great outdoors. Whether it be through camping, hiking, or simply enjoying nature, I relish the opportunities to bond with my children and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Robert Price - Process

I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for excellence to my role. With over a decade of expertise in the industry and a deep commitment to exceptional customer service, I am dedicated to elevating the client experience to new heights through meticulous attention to detail. An enthusiastic Cowboys fan and lover of the great outdoors, I bring a unique blend of professional skills and personal interests to my work. My unwavering commitment to providing the best possible customer experience, combined with my advanced training in the English language, enables me to achieve exceptional results and leave a lasting impact in the industry.

Tracy Huggins - Business Dev.

With two decades of expertise in customer service and sales leadership, I bring a deep commitment to client care, attention to detail, and a drive for excellence to my work. I am a proud parent of a young daughter who holds a special place in my heart, and in my free time, I relish opportunities to engage in sports and spend time in the great outdoors. My focus on delivering the best possible customer experience, combined with my passion for the people and experiences that make life truly enjoyable, sets me apart and allows me to excel in my career and make a meaningful impact.

Billy McElroy - Director of Sales

My unwavering passion is centered on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, I take immense joy in coaching fellow salespeople to deliver top-notch service and empower individuals to reach their full potential. With experience spanning various industries, I possess a diverse skillset and perspective that enables me to thrive in any scenario.

Born and raised in the D/FW region, Texas holds a special place in my heart, and I have no plans of leaving. I take pride in being a devoted father to my five remarkable children – Caleb, James, Beau, Jason, and Ruthie. During my leisure time, I relish opportunities to create cherished memories with my family through outdoor adventures or movie nights.

My commitment to fostering a cohesive team environment is unwavering. I work tirelessly to empower individuals and unite them to provide exceptional outcomes for those we serve.


Jose Guerrero

As a highly accomplished insurance adjuster with over a decade of experience within the domestic insurance sector, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Hailing from Houston, Texas, I maintain a strong connection to my roots and am fervently devoted to the Houston Astros. I am happily married and blessed with two daughters, both of whom are currently six and eight years old. In my leisure time, I take pleasure in preparing barbecued cuisine and engaging in bank fishing.

Jace Loerwald

With a tenure in the insurance industry dating back to 2016, I have extensive experience responding to catastrophic events, including Hurricanes Harvey, Florence, and Michael. Since 2018, I have been providing my expertise locally in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. As a childless individual, I have ample opportunities to indulge in my passion for travel, live music, and gastronomy. I am dedicated to seeking out and experiencing an array of diverse cuisine and musical performances.

Fire/ Water/ Remodeling Project Managers

Jordan Weger

As a seasoned construction professional with 18 years of experience, including a decade in customer service, I bring a combination of expertise and peace of mind to every project I manage. It brings me great satisfaction to assist individuals in realizing their construction aspirations. Outside of work, my wife and I are avid travelers, relishing in the opportunity to witness and experience the breathtaking natural beauty that our world has to offer. Through both my work and leisure pursuits, I am constantly reminded of the majesty of creation and my place within it.

Brett Gardner

With over 13 years of delivering customer satisfaction, and the last three years spent in construction, I am well-equipped to provide exceptional service to my clients. I am blessed with a happy marriage and the joy of raising two children. In my free time, I relish the opportunity to travel and create memories with my family, whether through hunting, fishing, or engaging in sports-related activities. These pursuits allow me to balance my professional life and deepen my bonds with those closest to me.

Jason Ballew

With a tenure of 26 years in the construction industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. My background includes 13 years as a Journeyman SheetMetal Worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, before relocating to Texas in 2011 where I have continued to work in the industry. Throughout my career, I have held various roles including sales, sales management, and superintendent, allowing me to gain a well-rounded understanding of the industry and the needs of its stakeholders. My longevity in the field is a testament to my passion for construction and my commitment to delivering results.

Dillon Pi

With five years of diverse project management experience encompassing insurance restoration and high-end custom remodeling, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. As a native of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I am intimately familiar with the local market and its unique challenges. I am in a long-term relationship with my girlfriend of six years and together, we share two Sphynx cats, Gilbert and Nancy. In my free time, I am an enthusiastic bowler and enjoy indulging in my passion for woodworking and acquiring new skills. My well-rounded background and wide range of interests allow me to approach my work with creativity, drive, and a commitment to excellence.

Danny Hansard

Growing up in Odessa, Texas, I was taught that hard work and exceptional customer service are the foundation of any thriving business or relationship. I attended Permian High, which was famously portrayed in “Friday Night Lights” and the one word that sums up the school’s spirit is “Mojo”. After completing my degree at Texas Tech, I followed the footsteps of any sensible young man from West Texas and moved to Dallas.

Initially, I worked in telecommunications sales for companies such as Cable and Wireless and MCI/Worldcom, where I was recognized as a top 10% producer in the nation. However, my passion for construction led me to specialize in commercial and residential insurance claims and build-back services for the past 20+ years.

Nothing makes me prouder than helping people put their lives, homes, and businesses back together after a disaster, whether it be a flood, fire, storm, or any other unfortunate event. At Mullins, I am honored to be part of a team of hardworking, like-minded individuals who share the same passion for excellence in the construction industry.

If you find yourself in need of restoration services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help when disaster strikes.

Roofing Specialists

Dylan Gulliksen - Production Manager

As someone with ADHD, I thrive in the dynamic and ever-changing environment of the field. My ability to multitask and handle multiple tasks at once is a strength that serves me well in this line of work. Furthermore, my upbringing in a military household instilled in me a strong sense of organization and discipline, enabling me to remain focused and efficient while on the job. Whether it’s through hunting or completing tasks with precision, my background has equipped me with valuable skills that I apply to my work every day.

Lindsey Lightfoot

With over a decade of experience in customer service, I have a genuine love for interacting with and being around people. In my leisure time, I enjoy traveling and spending precious moments with my nine-year-old daughter. These experiences not only allow me to broaden my horizons but also deepen the bond I have with my daughter. My passion for customer service, combined with my love of people and family, make me well-rounded and fulfilled in both my personal and professional life.

Cassie Carroll

As a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the equine veterinary industry, I am proud to have dedicated my career to the well-being and care of these magnificent animals. Recognizing the need for personal growth and development, I recently decided to undertake a new challenge, eager to expand my skillset and broaden my horizons.

Additionally, my background as a former Division 1 college athlete has instilled in me a strong work ethic and a drive to excel. Growing up with a passion for equine activities, including horse riding and team roping, has only served to deepen my appreciation for these magnificent creatures.

When not dedicated to my work, I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and enjoy nothing more than taking my beloved dog on exhilarating bike rides, hikes, and explorations.

Derrick Buford

As a newcomer to the industry, I am eager to expand my knowledge and skills. My professional background is rooted in automotive service management, where I honed my expertise in customer service and operations. 

I am a proud Texan, having been born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I am thrilled to call this region my home and am committed to making a positive impact within the community. 

I am married to a wonderful and supportive spouse, with whom I recently celebrated our first anniversary. Together, we share a love for our two furry children, Billie and Colby. In my leisure time, I enjoy staying active and engaged. I am an avid Call of Duty player and enjoy trying new foods. I also have a passion for disc golf and spending time with my family.

Andrew Knebel

As a native of Dallas, I am passionate about giving back to our local community. In my leisure time, I take pleasure in activities such as spending quality time with my loved ones, playing the guitar, outdoor adventures such as camping and fishing, and honing my skills in archery. When I am not embracing the great outdoors, I can often be found in my garage, occupied with various hands-on projects.