4 Signs of Bad Gutters

4 Signs of Bad GuttersAre you having problems with your gutters in Frisco, TXMullins General Construction offers gutter installation services for residents of Frisco and surrounding areas. How do you know if you have gutter problemsLook for these 4 signs of bad gutters:

1. Clogs

All gutters get clogged from time to time, especially during a severe rainstorm. But if this is happening on a regular basis, storm or not, it’s time for a new gutter systemGutter guards are a protective measure you’ll want to install with your new gutters, as they will protect this clogging issue from repeating itself in the future.

2. Rusting

Nothing depicts gutter aging more obviously than rusting. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they have stopped working completely. But it does likely mean they are on their way to doing so. If the rusting has caused cracks, you are in real trouble. This will lead to leaks and require immediate assistance.

3. Sagging

Sometimes the demise of your gutter can be seen as simply as just looking at it. The problem that is most often visible, is sagging. The slouching caused by the sag usually leads to leaks that end up being expensive in more ways than one. There is no reason to delay the inevitable in a situation like this.

4. Water Pools

Check near your downspouts. Do you see pools of water? If so, your gutters have gone bad, in most cases. But that’s not the worst part. Pooling water can actually seep into your home’s foundation and cause you a property damage that could severely devalue your entire home. Call (972) 535-8065 for new gutter installation in Frisco, TX.