Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof Safely

Hang Christmas Lights on the Roof SafelyChristmas lights on the roof are a festive yearly tradition. Of course, they carry their risks and should be hung only by an adult. Even and adult could use some tips to hang Christmas lights on the roof safely each year. There is a lot of misrepresentation out there about how this should be done.

No Staples or Nails

No matter what you’ve seen on TV or in films, do not use a staple gun. You have probably seen it done a number of times, but it can damage your lights, cause a spark that could catch fire, and you’ll be damaging your roof along the way. Those little holes could become leaks and places where water seeps in to hurt your roof.

Stay off the Roof

Never climb onto your roofStanding on a ladder near the edge while someone steadies it for you is one, thing. Climbing onto the roof is dangerous, particularly when the roof is sloped. Stay safe and don’t fall, and don’t put the pressure of your weight on the roof.

Use Plastic

Many lights come with plastic clips that help hang your lights on gutters, on the eaves, and even on the tiles. These little clips are your friends. They exist so that you can have those Christmas lights without hurting your roof.

If your roof does have damage from lights, or you discover damage of another kind while you’re putting up your Christmas lights on the roof this season, call Mullins General Construction and our roofers in Frisco, TX will inspect and repair whatever damage you may have. You can reach us at (972) 535-8065.