Is It Time for a New Fence?

Is It Time for a New Fence?
43407802 – wooden fence on a residental terrace

If you own a home, having to install a new fence is something you will probably have to do at least once, especially here in Texas. It can be a pain to think about installing it yourself or paying to have a new one installed, but the sooner you do it, the better off you will be. There are several signs to look for as your fence gets older and goes through many seasons.

Wood Damage – When your fence has been through a lot of weather or you have had it for a long time, it might start to get some damage. Wood can develop mold or stains that develop over time. Fences are meant to be outside in the weather, but remember that it is wood and over time, wood that gets wet can begin to rot out. If your roof is looking like this, you may want to get it replaced.

Leaning over – We have all seen them driving through neighborhoods after a big storm; the leaned over, half in your yard fences. This is a pretty sure sign that it is time to get your fence replaced. There are things that can hold it up and make it live to see another day, but eventually, it will come crashing down. Give us a call and let us replace it for you.

Something new – Maybe your fence is just old and you are ready for a change. If you have been wanting a taller fence or an aluminum material, there is no better time than the present to get yourself a new fence. A new fence can add value to your home, and also change the entire look of the property.

If you have been considering getting a new fence or maybe you have no choice, give Mullins General Construction a call at (972) 535-8065 and let us take the difficulty out of it for you.