Benefits of Roofing Fascia

Benefits of Roofing Fascia
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On residential roofs, there are many different roofing components that play a role in how well your roof performs in severe weather. Your fascia pays an essential role in protecting the edges of your roof, so if the fascia falls into disrepair, your roof could experience a whole host of problems. Today, we’ll discuss a few ways you can tell if your fascia is in need of fast repairs! 
The best thing to do is to take a quick glance over y our fascia once a month. Not an in-depth inspection, but a quick overview to look for peeling, rotting, or drooping areas. If you understand that your fascia has collected decades of life, then a professional inspection will judge its continued effectiveness. Check out the two main signs of disrepair below so that you can quickly identify damages.

Peeling Paint

Peeling paint makes an unattractive issue that affects your residence’s curb appeal. As your fascia’s paint protects the wood against deterioration, it will also provide a sign of encroaching damage. Since rotten fascia will no longer do its intent effectively, it needs to get replaced. If nothing else, a new coat of paint for your fascia will deliver some protection and an instant improvement for your house.

Water Damage

As the years pass, fascia can become exposed to water damage from proximity to the gutters. This occurs most often when your gutters cease to perform correctly, and begin to bubble over onto the fascia. Old age, as it occurs, can additionally cause your fascia to decay. As fascia becomes water damaged, the boards will warp and loosen, thus making the inside of your roof vulnerable to wear.