How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?
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How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

Are you in need of a commercial roof installation? If so, it will be important for you to ascertain how long a typical roof installation lasts with regard to commercial roof use. In that arena, according to leading experts, a commercial roof can last anywhere from ten to forty years. Why is there a variance in the range, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. Roof longevity will largely depend upon the types of materials that have been used, and the quality of the roof installation. When determining what kind of commercial roof installation you should use for your commercial property, it is always best to select a professional roofing company that is appropriately insured, and if applicable, licensed.

How Long Will an EPDM Roof Last?

EPDM roofs can last quite a long time, as long as fifty years, according to a leading expert on the matter. With a great roofing installation and repairs that have been enacted from time to time, an EPDM roof can last fifty years or even longer. In recent years, there have been many advancements in terms of roofing sealant formulations, and that extends to EPDM roofing. That means that new formulations in EPDM roofing material are practically impervious to radiation and damage from UV rays.

What is the Best Type of Roof for a Flat Roof?

There are a number of excellent commercial roofing materials available on the market. PVC roofing is admirable in many respects because the reinforced membrane of the roof makes PVC roofs quite resistant to impact damage and the crackling which diminishes the lifespan of many single-ply roofs. While PVC roofing is more expensive than other flat roofing materials, the warranty is considerably nice. Another type of flat roofing that is worthy of consideration is metal roofing. For a building that has a roof slope in excess of two inches, some roofing contractors say that a commercial standing seam metal roof is perfect.

How Do You Calculate Commercial Roofing?

Are you wondering how commercial roofing costs are calculated? It actually depends on a variety of independent factors. Commercial roofing costs depend upon the type of roof installation – is the roof flat or sloped? Another factor that will impact cost is the kind of roofing material that is ultimately selected. The ease of roof access is another topic that will need to be broached. That is because roofers must scale the roof safely, and all considerations need to be factored in, including the height, material storage areas, occupancy, and property access.

How Often Should Flat Roofs Be Replaced?

Depending on the kind of roofing material, the quality of the roof installation, and the amount of wear and tear or storm damages, a flat roof replacement can be necessary every fifteen years. In an area where the climate is particularly hard on roofs, a roof replacement may be necessary every ten years.

Commercial Roof Replacement Scope of Work

Are you wondering what is involved in a professional commercial roof replacement with regard to the scope of the work? Please review the following bullet points to learn more.

  • To begin with, the scope of work is used to characterize a complete set of parameters for work that is completed by contractors who are invited to bid on a project.
  • These parameters are meant to assure all bidders have written details conveying the buyer’s expectations.
  • The buyer’s expectations will inform practically everything from the performance rules to the quality levels that determine the new roof systems’ longevity.

Residential Roof Replacement Scope of Work

When it is time to replace the roof on your home, it will be important for you to be informed about what to expect, and what to ask for. For example, homeowners are advised to get at least three bids from three separate contractors. Each company will deliver a slightly different offer, which will allow you to objectively ascertain your greatest benefit. It is also important to also only hire licensed contractors that specialize in roof replacement and in flashing work.

Commercial Roof Drain Repair
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Commercial Building Roof Replacement Depreciation

According to official projections from the IRS, a new roof will depreciate over the course of 27.5 years for residential buildings. For commercial buildings, the number of years is longer, depreciating over the course of 39 years.

Commercial Roof Drain Repair

There are a number of different contractors that are available for your commercial roof drain repair. It is important to always secure the services of a professional, insured roofing company that is ready and willing to put in the extra hours to get the work done correctly.

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