Metal Roofing Maintenance for Summertime

Metal Roofing Maintenance for Summertime
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Summertime is here! If you have a metal roofing system, keeping it in good condition will be a huge factor in its durability during these hot summer months. Here are three simple steps you can take as a homeowner to maintain your tough metal roof!

Step #1: Basic Cleaning

Metal roofing is wonderfully resistant to corrosion from sunlight and rain, but a little DIY maintenance can make it even stronger. You can start by sweeping away all the leaves, twigs, and dirt off the rooftop. If you’ve cleared out the gutters like we talked about in April’s blog, you’re already halfway done. Removing debris will prevent minor scratches and corrosion.

Step #2: Removing the Grime

After that preliminary cleaning is finished, you’ll want to grab a bottle of Formula 409 (or another metal cleaning solution) and a soft cloth to wipe away tougher smudges. If you encounter any particularly difficult grime, try using a sponge and a solution of water, household bleach, and dish soap. Once these smudges are all cleared off, you’ll be ready for your final step.

Step #3: Painting Touch Ups

If you’ve spotted any metal chips or deeper scratches in your roof’s coating, you’ll need a bit of manufacturer-approved touch up paint. Exposed metal may start to rust or weaken under direct sunlight, but a little bit of paint is all it takes to prevent that. Once you’ve completed the final touch ups, congratulations! You’ve finished your pre-summer DIY maintenance.

Now your roof shouldn’t require any upkeep until the fall. For more information on how to maintain your metal roofing, fell free to chat with one of our roofing veterans at Mullins General Construction! You can call us at(972) 535-8065.