Spring Clean Your Gutters

Spring Clean Your GuttersEvery autumn, leaves fall from trees. Unfortunately, those leaves can end up on your roof and in your gutters, preventing water drainage. This can lead to overflow in the next heavy rainstorm or leaks into your roofing as the water just sits there because the leaves are blocking passage. Do your home a favor and add gutter cleaning to your spring cleaning checklist this season.

Here’s How To Maintain Your Gutters:

Cleaning Your Gutters

Remove large debris like leaves or twigs with gloved hands or a trowel. It will be muddy from dirty leaves and the water, so dress accordingly. You can wash away finer sediment like sand with a hose. If you see the water from the hose is not flushing away, that means the inside of the gutter is clogged. Check the drain end of the gutter and use the pressure from the water hose to try and blast away the blockage from that end.

Repairing Your Gutters

Inspect your roof while you are up on the ladder. If you saw shingles in your gutter, that indicates your asphalt roof has come to the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. If there is still water in the gutter after you have cleaned it, the gutter is slanted and needs to be tilted down a little more to allow the water to drain down. Look for obvious damage to your fascia and gutter, like splintered or rotting wood. That indicates it is time for a replacement (fascia is very cheap to repair or replace.)

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